Lovely logics to keep you going


Sometimes the road is long and hard, but I’ve found that if I take a moment to rekindle my fire it helps. I’m trying to do that today before I get into another busy week. This past week was rough so I’m making sure I take this time to nourish the parts of me that are most important.



Fail in order to succeed


Fall down 7 times, get up 8, whatever it takes don’t hesitate. Stay strong folks, your time is coming. Failure is a part of your success 😉


As I end this year, I’m taking some time to really reflect on it. I’m going to let go of the old and embrace the new. That means all the deadbeats, people who need to get out of my mental space, and the thoughts, memories and emotions that are sapping my energy. I’m saying “No more” to those things…Like a person who has overstayed their welcome or a blowout sale, it all has to go…

Here are a few more guiding quotes that I will take with me into this New Year. Many of them have served me greatly this year and I wanted to share them with you.

I'm finally finding my calm...truly thinking about the bigger picture helps. When you think of life as a whole, you realize how silly some things are and how others are important. Don't react to something out of your control. PEACE and CALM

change the situation

C.S. Lewis said something along the lines of 'it isn't the ascension that is the measure of a man, but rather, his decline'.  Humility when facing loss

 Do What You Love, Love What You Do #zulily #ad

To the point, simple and easy to understand. Challenging to do, but with practice and ceaseless importunity, anyone can make it happen. Incase I don’t I get to post again before 2014 hits, Happy New Year to you and your family. Don’t mess around, just conquer it. No excuses, no rest, no mercy…win


For the struggle is your strength


“I’d be lying if I said it was ever easy, but it’s possible, so we’ll work until we get there. The struggle of today is the strength and confidence we build to face tomorrow. So get to work on making today incredible !” Nick

The Cake lesson

(no idea where I got this, it is beautiful though)

I was walking alone and this hit me. I just had to share it:

“Cake is funny, it’s creation is analogous to  your life journey. When you put all the ingredients on the table it doesn’t make sense. It won’t make sense until it’s being blended and created into the finished product.

We look at it backward. We see the cake and trace its roots to a bunch of ingredients that were sitting on a table or in a fridge. We rarely look at the bunch of ingredients and think “This will be a cake one day.”

We have to learn to see our successes and life path going forward, instead of waiting and focusing on attaining the finished product and then tracing it backward. Be happy with the right now, appreciate the contrast, the confusion and the creation process of your life. One day, all the ingredients you ‘struggle’ with, will come together and make a wonderful product.”


P.s. No I didn’t tell you to eat cake -__-, you can have a slice of this analogy though ;).

Please note: No cake was consumed in the making of this post. Any endorsement to eating cake is just speculation and not on the part of the writer.

Believe in you

“Imagine how much you can accomplish if you just decided to believe in yourself ? Thick or thin, win or lose, failure or success…Just believe in what you have. One victory or defeat doesn’t mean you’re incapable, it just means you lost or won in that moment. Get up and try again. If you don’t have the skills, learn them and get right back to trying to make “it” happen.” ~ Nick

Believe in your value


“If you don’t believe in yourself and realize how valuable you are, someone else will value you and you won’t share that belief. It all starts from you. Regardless of what happens on the outside, it’s what comes from the inside that determines how you feel, act and perceive. Change the self and watch as the perception of the reality around you changes.” Nick