The Cake lesson

(no idea where I got this, it is beautiful though)

I was walking alone and this hit me. I just had to share it:

“Cake is funny, it’s creation is analogous¬†to ¬†your life journey. When you put all the ingredients on the table it doesn’t make sense. It won’t make sense until it’s being blended and created into the finished product.

We look at it backward. We see the cake and trace its roots to a bunch of ingredients that were sitting on a table or in a fridge. We rarely look at the bunch of ingredients and think “This will be a cake one day.”

We have to learn to see our successes and life path going forward, instead of waiting and focusing on attaining the finished product and then tracing it backward. Be happy with the right now, appreciate the contrast, the confusion and the creation process of your life. One day, all the ingredients you ‘struggle’ with, will come together and make a wonderful product.”


P.s. No I didn’t tell you to eat cake -__-, you can have a slice of this analogy though ;).

Please note: No cake was consumed in the making of this post. Any endorsement to eating cake is just speculation and not on the part of the writer.

Overcoming the slump

If you’re in a slump, or have been, I hope this hits home, because I’m trying to relate to you in your situation. I grabbed one of my legs and started stretching while a thought shot into my head. Suffering happens to us all, so you might as well find a meaning in that struggle; build character, build some values, build yourself. It’s about self development reader, that’s why we’re in this slump.

We’re slumping so that we can get tired of slumping and eventually find or create a reason to stand. You don’t need to pay someone to develop your character, it comes by paying special attention to what you’ve gone through and what you’ve learned as a result of it. What would you have been had you not been in this ? What lessons would you have missed if you weren’t in this slump now ?

Funny, that struggle seems more like a blessing every day. I’m so happy I didn’t turn out mundane and that I’ve grown in so many ways; I wouldn’t have written this message, this blog wouldn’t have existed, this mission to help others be fit in mind and body would be non-existent and you would have never read anything I’ve written….

Find the meaning and build character in that struggle…