Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas!

Wishing all those celebrating today, a very happy and festive day. Peace and love to you and your families!

As I end this year, I’m taking some time to really reflect on it. I’m going to let go of the old and embrace the new. That means all the deadbeats, people who need to get out of my mental space, and the thoughts, memories and emotions that are sapping my energy. I’m saying “No more” to those things…Like a person who has overstayed their welcome or a blowout sale, it all has to go…

Here are a few more guiding quotes that I will take with me into this New Year. Many of them have served me greatly this year and I wanted to share them with you.

I'm finally finding my calm...truly thinking about the bigger picture helps. When you think of life as a whole, you realize how silly some things are and how others are important. Don't react to something out of your control. PEACE and CALM

change the situation

C.S. Lewis said something along the lines of 'it isn't the ascension that is the measure of a man, but rather, his decline'.  Humility when facing loss

 Do What You Love, Love What You Do #zulily #ad

To the point, simple and easy to understand. Challenging to do, but with practice and ceaseless importunity, anyone can make it happen. Incase I don’t I get to post again before 2014 hits, Happy New Year to you and your family. Don’t mess around, just conquer it. No excuses, no rest, no mercy…win


The grey

Filtered Nick

“Life is not black and white, there’s plenty of grey in the middle”, she said as she crossed the small space of the room. She began looking through some papers on her desk, I knew she was trying to set up our next meeting time but her response to my question seemed to fit the occasion. Those words never left, the message rang all true for me as I left the office and walked back to my dorm room.

Life isn’t black and white and there is plenty of grey in between, but when I’m judged, or compelled to judge, by a mindset that reflects the opposite of this belief, that message about the grey plays in my head and I can’t shake it’s rhythm. So I learned to jive to it; I succumb to the melody and I allow the beat to take me to a higher place, to a higher space of mind where I’m able to jump into new ways of thinking beyond the black and white betweenthat space, I’ve found compassion.

Compassion is built slowly, like destiny it takes time. It allows us to see more than what we are, to look beyond what we see, to feel what we can’t experience and to hear something in a voice  that isn’t being openly said. With compassion, we learn to allow, when others would easily condemn.

For me, compassion has taught me to be slower to anger and quicker to peace, not just for the sake of a household or friendship, but for my internal character. Sometimes I just want to give people a piece of my mind, it seems easy, it’s right there and all I have to do is let the words flow. Maybe, when it was my time, someone did the same thing to me, so isn’t it fitting that I do the same to someone else ? Can’t I do unto others as it’s been done to me ?

Reader, I’ve struggled with these thoughts quite a few times and no doubt you probably have too. What’s easy isn’t always the best way and though it may feel good in the present, we pay for it later. Whether in our mind or through external dilemmas, we learn the danger of adding fire to a flame. Sometimes, we burn our friendships, loved ones and people within our households without noticing; someone lit a match and we allowed our hurt ego to fan the flame, and if we keep the dispute going long enough, it burns everyone involved.

I can guarantee you, It’s a real challenge, sometimes a full time chore, to give people the peace of your mind, instead of a piece of mind. Sometimes, you have to let the ego drop and turn the other way; bite your tongue, purse your lip, withdraw your fingers from the keypad and allow that feeling after a deep breath to guide you. Occasionally, no response is a fair response, and  it’s the only response you can muster without saying something you know you’ll regret, but before we get too deep in the  “grey”, I’ll mention: We all have a choice in the way we respond to our environment and the people in it, we also have a choice in the way things affect us personally, it isn’t black or white, there is so much more in between…

You don’t have to get angry or just bite your tongue (black and white), you can also choose peace and compassion. It seems awkward at first, it’ll seem weird and uncomfortable, as if bottling your emotions, but I’ve found that compassion can aid in changing your perspective. Compassion allows us to feel things from a person’s standpoint; if we allow ourselves a little compassion, we can see the pain in others.

This has made it easier for me; it’s opened my perspective, someone isn’t just wrong or right, they aren’t just this or that. I wish anyone and everyone the compassion to allow and forgive their own faults and see, hear and feel more for the people that upset them the most. It’s not easy, but it’s damn near impossible, and at some point, we all want someone around who has a shred of compassion.