Believe in you

“Imagine how much you can accomplish if you just decided to believe in yourself ? Thick or thin, win or lose, failure or success…Just believe in what you have. One victory or defeat doesn’t mean you’re incapable, it just means you lost or won in that moment. Get up and try again. If you don’t have the skills, learn them and get right back to trying to make “it” happen.” ~ Nick

Plant something that matters

Wow, what a day it was today, I really learned the value of planting something with hopes of watching it grow. I was also able to see the fruits of my labor in a way that I hadn’t expected. My mission today was to do some gardening and to get a workout in, probably doing some jump rope and other fun activities.

That plan got sidetracked pretty fast after I finished weeding and digging up one bed in the garden; I hit a main pipe at the side of the house and water was everywhere. I was so frustrated, but I tried to remain calm and think. I’m sure at some point this has happened to you right ? You’ve tried to do something with as much good in your heart as you can muster and it turns out sour.

I managed a duct tape fix that wasn’t much of a fix but a temporary┬áband aid┬áto a bigger dilemma. Thankfully, the pipe was replaced and things went well, but I remember reflecting on my day and just had to share it. There’s always life lessons, lessons that I love sharing with others because it may just help them find their way. So !, lets get started on today’s lesson:

I decided to take up this mission of recreating the scene that I had growing up, and so I’ve been focused on gardening lately. I got my machete, fork, hoe and other cool gardening tools and got to work. I think of it as life being my garden and taking out the weeds is always a good way to stay clear minded. In your life right now, you may just have some weeds, clutter and unwanted dilemmas that are making the garden of you mind seem more troublesome than awesome.

After surveying my area, I got the tools needed and got to work. Every day I’m going to do something, little by little the yard and gardens will turn around. Your mind is the same way reader, bit by bit, you can beautify your mind, your life and your body with the right tools, guidance and will to do.

There will always be problems, but you have to see the good in the bad. When the pipe busted, it was because I was trying to cut a reaching branch from a plant and ended up smacking the pipe instead. Though a small wound, water shot everywhere making me more than frustrated but also a little worried. I was encouraged to sit and just let things go, but I told myself I would do this, I said I would finish it so I had too. I turned the main water off, got the hoe and started working even harder on the bed. The moment’s rest gave me time to see things different and put things into perspective.

The water going everywhere actually made the soil moist, so I took that opportunity and transferred some plants to the area. My grandmother gardened all her life and isn’t able to do it the way she was able too, so now I’m taking up the challenge, stepping my game up and learning go till my land. One day, I’m planning on having a house and building a home, and every skill I learn in helping someone else is going to pay off later.

She taught me how to remove the plant and to plant the shoots; I remember her also teaching me to use fruits, veges and egg shells for manure. It all comes from the earth and is bound to go back to it…right ?, so there I was, planting, tilling, cutting and then sheering. I got some clippers and sheered some of the larger flowering trees.

Today is Thursday (at least where I am) the weekend is coming and then next week will be upon is, we have 3 days to change an area of our life, to begin planting a new garden and to watch the fruits of our past labors work for us. When things went sour today, I sat for a few minutes, thought about it and got back to work. If I had allowed weeds to grow in my mind’s garden I wouldn’t have planted that bed, nor would I have sheered those trees. The experience doesn’t need to be all at once, take things day by day, but make your steps deliberate reader and you’ll get there.

Below is a picture of me putting one of my planted seeds to use, I’m planking as i’m doing my gardening. I switch hands, positions and maintain a good posture with whatever i’m doing because I know that my posture not only affects my body but it can have significant affects on my mood and whether I suffer pain later. I live a life of fitness, I don’t take it to the gym and leave it and I encourage you, alongside planting seeds of success, to take your fitness everywhere and make it work for you.



All the best !, please enjoy your Friday !, and remember…Plant those seeds and they will grow at the right time