Yo !

I hope you’re doing as well as I am after a long week. I can’t begin to speak about the challenges of the past 2 weeks, but what I can say is that I’ve learned that when trouble hits, you can’t allow the storm on the outside to get on the inside and disturb your inner peace. Peace is powerful man, if you don’t have any, seek and you’ll find it with time. Otherwise, here’s a really neat video that will get you through this week:


Enjoy, share and like the video, it’s fantastic and I hope it pushes you forward.

What I tell myself

Sensei said it first. I’ll say it again. When thoughts of doubt, depression and negativity creep in…from wherever they came from. I refuse to stay down. No rest, no mercy, gotta keep moving forward.


Say goodbye to your bad day

Hey folks,

If you’re having a bad day, bad week, or bad life…Consider this the beginning of your pickup:

“Instructions for a bad day”

I found this video by stalking the amazing Shane Koyczan on the Internet. The spoken-word poem “Instructions for a Bad Day” is by Shane. The original video was compiled by Jon Goodgion, with footage from the documentary “Life in a Day” by Kevin Macdonald.

Please enjoy and share with friends and loved ones,




Welcome…To 2014 !

That’s right people !

Welcome to 2014 ! Oh man, the year just started and I’m feeling fantastic. I never waited for 2014 to start resolving things, I just kept going and I hope you do too !

1491674_10152177247163760_1086961705_nFrom me to you, Happy New Year, I wish you health, wealth and an abundance of happiness this year. I wish you challenges, I wish you to overcome anything that held you back in 2013 and I hope that you’ll remember all that you’ve been through and how strong it’s made you.


Happy New Year everyone !

~Nick A. Titley

As I end this year, I’m taking some time to really reflect on it. I’m going to let go of the old and embrace the new. That means all the deadbeats, people who need to get out of my mental space, and the thoughts, memories and emotions that are sapping my energy. I’m saying “No more” to those things…Like a person who has overstayed their welcome or a blowout sale, it all has to go…

Here are a few more guiding quotes that I will take with me into this New Year. Many of them have served me greatly this year and I wanted to share them with you.

I'm finally finding my calm...truly thinking about the bigger picture helps. When you think of life as a whole, you realize how silly some things are and how others are important. Don't react to something out of your control. PEACE and CALM

change the situation

C.S. Lewis said something along the lines of 'it isn't the ascension that is the measure of a man, but rather, his decline'.  Humility when facing loss

 Do What You Love, Love What You Do #zulily #ad

To the point, simple and easy to understand. Challenging to do, but with practice and ceaseless importunity, anyone can make it happen. Incase I don’t I get to post again before 2014 hits, Happy New Year to you and your family. Don’t mess around, just conquer it. No excuses, no rest, no mercy…win


Lessons I learned in 2013

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These are but a few of the life lessons I learned this year. I’m reflecting every day of my failures, triumphs and anything in between over this past year as I look forward to a new, prosperous year in 2014.

Join me on my journey !


You get what you give !

Hey folks,

Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share another a cool audio clip I created titled: “You get what you give.” What you sow you reap, what you put in you take out. However you define it, the message is similar. For some, this is a comfortable reminder, for others they’ve never heard this, so I was happy to put this together and I’m glad I could share it.

I hope you enjoy it and if you think it’ll help someone else, please pass it along.




Have you made progress ?

Hey folks,

The inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightning last night and I got the energy to do this one. Have you been making progress ? I argue that you have, give this one a listen folks. This post is a bit longer, but the wisdom is solid. I hope you enjoy and find it useful, and if you do, please share it with someone else that could use it as well.

Here I am speaking about making Progress