“Beginning 2010, I started becoming more aware about my health and decided to go to the gym. Not having proper instructions made it very hard for me to develop the right muscles and lose excess body weight. Also not eating proper portion of food was not helping me at all as my body kept aching. Therefore, I started losing interest at an early stage. My friends recommended me to start training with a trainer and since then I had the opportunity to train with four different trainers. Of these four trainers, my experience with Nick Titley has been the most fruitful. His professionalism and passion for his work was a big motivational factor. When Nick saw my potential and heard what I wanted to accomplish he asked me to schedule a training session with him. He sat down with me for an hour and pointed out all the things that I can improve on. His unique style of understanding his trainee’s weakness and pointing out ways to improve on it makes his training style easy to work with. I would highly recommend everyone to spare an hour from your busy schedule to talk to Nick and see what he recommends. It will be worth every second of your time.” – Prajwal S. S.

To Prajwal,

Dear PJ,

PJ, thanks so much for the endorsement, I would love to give you another hour or more when we have time to see where you’re currently at in your routines. I know you loved that home made protein shake idea, the advice I shared with you on nutrition and the information we went over together in terms of exercise. I’m glad you took the time to make adjustments to the areas you needed to work on and that you were able to see results (at least from what I remember). All the best my friend !

Nick A. Titley

Ruby H.

My training sessions with you were nothing short of extraordinary. Your knowledge of the human body and the ability to manipulate each part in order to help me obtain my goal of not only losing weight but making healthy life choices is an art and one you master. Plattsburgh has a training facility that is greatly sufficient but you took it a step further.You not only used those facilities but we also worked in different environments . It is this adaptability that helped me on my way to my ideal body type. I believe you to be a great trainer because you don’t consider it a job yet a passion and a way of life. You take each case and examine it to the fullest and offered advice to things I never asked for. You see a training session as a way to enhance oneself body mind and soul and I have yet to see that in any personal trainer I have ever worked with. This quality is what will get you very far and I wish you the very best – Ruby H.


To Ruby:

Dear Ruby,

Thank you for allowing me to train you in different environments. I really enjoyed the field, studio and times at the gym. I try my very best to make the most use of the things I have at my disposal. It was a great experience to have worked with you and I’m glad I impressed more than just fitness, but “health” as another goal. My clients also motivate me to step my game up to learn and grow and you were certainly one of them. Thank you !

Nick A. Titley

J. Koo

“Nick Titley is one of those miracle workers who don’t flinch or intimidated by any daunting task. The first name is Jay and my last name is Koo and I’m a professional Chinese Lion Dancer in New York City. I was approached by a sports drink company to do a photo shoot for their product promotion in Hong Kong. Lion dance is a popular and recognized tradition in Chinese culture. They wanted to infiltrate the Chinese target market by using the Chinese Lion Dance theme. They liked my personality and the image I project. The downside is that they wanted a body that is, as they say, “super human.” I had four months to transform my body. I was deeply disappointed with the trainers and dietitians they provided me. I was uncomfortable with supplements that they suggested. I wanted to achieve this process naturally, but most of them say it’s impossible in four months. Nick was my best buddy in college, and like any person in a sticky situation they call their best buddy to lend a hand. Luckily, my best buddy is a physical trainer guru that puts high emphasis on being healthy and natural. My body fat decreased from 15 percent to 6 percent in 4 months, and my muscle mass and density increased dramatically. Nick is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and inspirational. During our training, I was knee deep in sweat, my body is about to give, and I’m huffing and puffing away – the good man is right by your side with a comforting voice – telling you to put your head up because that is where you want to go in life. This man proved a professional dietitians and a high paying trainer wrong. Yes, this body was achieved in four months with a strict natural diet and intense workout routine. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. 100 percent of my pay for the gig went straight to charity, and Nick made that journey a possibility.” ~ Jay Koo

*P.S. my tattoo was airbrushed off due to lack of acceptance for tattoos in Chinese culture.*

Jay phase 2 – 2 months

Jay phase 3 – 3rd month

To Jay:

Dear Jay,

Brotherman, its been an adventure, a journey and a trip in all in one. It was an honor to have trained you, it was an honor to put you through hell to get you to where you knew you could be. You took all that knowledge, all that sweat and pain and created something beautiful from it. You kept moving forward, you kept fighting and you made it happen. Words can’t describe accurately how much you went through to get to your photo shoot and knowing you it probably wasn’t enough !. Jay, keep doing your thing. We met up over thanksgiving and it was amazing to train with the group again, we worked hard brotherman and trust me it pays off.

Nick A. Titley

Below is Jay’s picture (that lion head is close to 45 lbs; Nice job Jay):

Photo shoot fresh

Alma H.

“Nick you’re a great trainer. You are very passionate about giving people the results that they desire. When you trained me, I loved your professionalism despite we are friends. You still took my training seriously. I also loved how you always knew the answers to the questions I had. I loved the positive energy you transferred to me during most mornings when I really didn’t want to wake up. You are definitely an inspiration :). “~ Alma H.

To Alma:

Dear Alma,

Thank you so much for waking up and coming to train at 7 Am !. There were days that it was challenging for us both but we made it. I’m glad you learned and liked my professionalism. I’m going to continue bringing that positive energy and if you need some, you let me know. Friend, stranger, family member don’t matter to me, if you’re a person that wants to train, learn and be motivated I’ll do it man

Nick A. Titley

Betsy B.

“I never knew what feeling great truly was until I was able to lose 40 pounds. I noticed the weight loss changed my overall view on life. Although it took some time, I learned to be patient. Going to the gym to someone who believed in me and my potential allowed me to become motivated to go. It vaporized my fears to get on machines that I didn’t know how to work. What Nick provided me with can’t be put into words or summed up monetary compensation, because it doesn’t matter where he goes his kind words and suggestions will live with you forever because of the dramatic change he incurs on one’s life.” – Betsy L. B

To Besty:

Dear Betsy,

Oh man, you were one of the first clients I ever had. I’m so proud of you and all that you developed. You took what I taught you and kept moving forward. You lost the weight with the hard work you put in and I can’t be happier for you. Thanks so much for sticking through your training. You did it Betsy, proud of you, keep moving forward and doing what you do best !

Nick A. Titley

Kayin Q

“Nick is one if the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to working out and getting your body in shape. He is a great trainer and in the short time I trained with him, I got great results and worked hard. He executed a perfect balance of encouragement and support. If you are thinking of getting a great workout from an experienced and fully committed trainer, Nick is the guy to call!” – Kayin Queeley


To Kayin:

Dear Kayin,

You are always kind with your words and your disposition, openness to training and learning was always welcome. Thank you for the encouragement and the wonderful support you’ve provided on my journey. I’m glad you think I’m the guy to call, so hopefully I’ll be receiving one soon ?!

Nick A. Titley

Ben P.

“Nick has passion that far transcends athletics. We used to train in various ways, from weight training to basic Jujitsu moves and tactics.  During our training we would speak about the importance of form, mindset, and strength as all integral parts to athletic success. For me these talks were more than just talks about the best way to kick a bag or how to perform a guillotine, for me these were talks about life lessons applied to athletics. His dedication and hard work really shows when he is helping someone (like me) who had no prior experience in combative athletics. The lessons I learned from him I continue to apply to my workouts as I continue on the path to take my body to the next level. ” – Ben P.

To Ben:

Dear Ben,

Your passion for astronomy and way you work is inspiring for me. I always think highly of you and It was an honor to have worked with you. I learned so much from our experiences and your dedication was reassuring. Thank you for training with me and allowing me to help further your understanding of martial arts, training and overall fitness. I love teaching but you also allowed me to guide you in a way that I was also able to learn from our experiences.

Nick A. Titley

Michelle D.J

“Hey Nick, Thankfully I have had the pleasure of training with you, If I had to use three words to describe your training style I would say original, fast and effective. As my trainer you did not only show me some of the most effective training moves for my abs, legs and for overall Cardio, your training also helped me explore and understand a lifestyle that is better for my health and also my physical appearance, which I guess is one important human factor in today’s society. Thank you for showing me a bit of how you keep your amazing figure dear and thank you for being so dedicated to helping people train and live a better life. “- Michelle D.J

To Michelle:

Dear Michelle,

It was my pleasure working with you too. I can’t believe how well you did. When I first met you, you were already in the gym working hard and it was a treat to be able to assist you with that journey. It’s my mission to work with others and to share the knowledge I’ve gained through my adventures.

Nick A. Titley

Ilana R.

“I know Nick as a friend, through discussions as SUNY Plattsburgh college events, and from when he worked at the school gym. He is a very determined individual who is a critical thinker with strong leadership skills. As a personal trainer, he creates out-of-the-box fitness activities that’re tailored to an individual’s goals.” – Ilana Rubin

To Ilana:

Dear Ilana,

Thank you so much for your kind words Ilana, I’m glad we got the opportunity to interact throughout college. Thank you for acknowledging my style of training and I continue to grow into that strong leadership role.

Nick A. Titley

Caitlin B.

“Last year I had been looking for a new and different routine from my traditional cardio and circuit training. Nick trained me a few times while in college and I felt very comfortable working with him. In the past I would have looked to a female trainer; however, Nick’s professionalism and encouraging personality allowed me to feel at ease throughout my workouts. Nick has been influential in my fitness and overall health. He encourages me to find a balance between eating, exercise, and more importantly feeling comfortable with my abilities. When I began running Nick encouraged me to keep at it and to not lose my focus on my end goal. Nick focuses on all of the elements of fitness-health, nutrition, endurance, ability, and comfort. He incorporates each of these into his training program. Nick realizes that fitness isn’t one size fits all; he understands each person is different and has different goals they are working towards.” ~ Caitlin B.


To Caitlin:

Dear Caitlin,

What a journey it has been for both of us. I’m so happy you thought I was influential and that my professionalism was encouraging. You are right, Fitness isn’t one size fits all, everyone is different and I do my best to cater to each person’s needs. From what I gather I was able to cater to yours and I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t so cooperative. I’m also happy you started running, God knows I hate running but I do it and I encourage clients to do some form of cardio. Running isn’t for everyone mind you, but if it’s for you, make it work !

Nick A. Titley