It’s not the weight, it’s how long you hold it

I heard this on the radio this morning:

A teacher stands in front of his class one morning and asks his class, “How much does this glass of water weigh?”

The class looks around at each other and gives varying responses to which the teacher nods and responds, “All possible answers, but what would happen if I held this glass for 1 minute? It doesn’t weigh much right? What if I held it for an hour? I’d get very tired…now what if I held it for a whole day? I’d probably need to go to the hospital later on. The glass weighs the same regardless of how long I hold it, it’s the length of time I hold onto it that makes it more difficult for me to bear. In life, stress is not about the amount you’re under, it’s about how long you hold onto it. You need to take a break; set it down from time to time.”

I felt amazed reading this, I hope it helps you too!


The Shift

I’ve always admired that quote by Anais Nin. I remember walking through the health center at college and seeing it on the wall. I stopped and examined it, and many of the other quotes on the wall that day. Weeks–maybe months– later I saw the quote again on my way to a leadership class. I’ve thought of it for years, but only now am I realizing it.

Folks, I can’t remain the same anymore. I think I owe you an apology for not expressing myself the way that I should. I’ve lied to you, and I’ve withheld my gifts because of the fear of rejection, loss of face and maybe loss of friends. This post has been begging to be written for months. This post has poked at the corner of my brain like a bird in a prison. It’s not the only thing; books that I need to write and, movies and media I’d like to discuss are also in there as well. It dawned on me a few months ago…I really, really enjoy movies and all sorts of media (books, comics, manga, anime etc.). I enjoy learning about people, I like writing (especially fantasy writing) and I’m pushing to release a few books in the future. I love sharing and discussing my thoughts and learning from other people. Oh! Did I mention exercise & fitness are still major factors for me? So is Martial Arts, I consider it my life’s work and yet, I’ve been withholding the experiences I’ve had in all the things I mentioned above.

Time to change…so I’m changing the blog. This blog is about me, but you’ve heard from everyone else BUT me, and It’s time to change that. Some of you will disagree and will up and leave, and to you I say good bye, thanks for staying as long as you did, but I won’t disrespect myself to respect other people. To all those who stick with me, I thank you; I invite you to walk with me on this journey as I seek to inspire you and stimulate you with healthy discussion. I fall quite a bit, but I get back up and find my reason to climb once again. I hope I can inspire you to write and to express yourselves as creatively as possible through my journey.

From now on, I’m going to share my thoughts. This goes beyond fitness and health, it delves into more than just motivational texts and posts. This is my way of taking a major step toward something that I was afraid of doing for quite some time and becoming more authentic. Again, you don’t have to stay with me, I’ve learned to walk alone, but company is always welcome :). I’ve added a personal interests section, expect more videos, movies reviews, and other experiences that I’d like to share. You’ll learn something and I invite you to ask questions and leave comments.

Have a fantastic day,


Dr. Angelou

Maya Angelou Best Sayings and Quotes, wise, deep

This sums up how i’m feeling. A day after and I’m still choked up over her passing. I don’t know why or what it is, but something deep down in me stirred yesterday morning when I read the news. All throughout the day there were quotes and people commenting on it. I usually see a post about someone’s passing and I nod and say my condolences out of respect for the life that person led, but when I saw this…something in me got turned around. It seemed like the whole world felt this one, even the afternoon sky had a faint, reddish hue and I immediately thought that so many were crying or reflecting right on what happened.

If you have a story to tell, something you’re not writing, something you forgot to tell somebody. Now might be the time. Forgive what people did to you, forgive yourself for allowing it and please seek to move forward. Just yesterday someone turned 80 years old, just yesterday someone passed on…


It’s not luck, it’s something much deeper

Hey Folks,

I found this online and thought you’d really enjoy it. A lot has been happening on my end and it’s always a pleasure when I can help someone or post something that touches the hearts of my readers. I hope this one really touches yours and you realize that it isn’t just luck, it’s your own talent that’s pushing you through. Luck is unreliable, but your talents, abilities to change and adapt, to grow and  to function are indispensable. If you’re attributing much of your life to luck, think again, you may have earned way more than you’re giving yourself credit. Every bit of the struggles you’ve endured are valid, don’t allow anyone’s opinions or social expectations to cause you to think any less of what you are…



Don’t let hard times get you down

Hey reader,

I hope while you’re reading this, things are going well for you. If not, then maybe this will help you on your journey today. I saw this video on youtube and I wanted to share it with you:

Hard Times by Younes Marxieu

Difficulty is the fire and pressure that makes the coal into a diamond. Your time to shine is coming, but you need to endure the pressure a little longer and continue to stay true to yourself. Keep your chin tucked, eyes forward reader, all will be well with you in its due season 🙂


Your health kick right here

Hey folks,

For everyone on their nutrition and fitness journey, here is your kick to motivate you to move forward. I’m a little raw and I may have hurt some feelings, but maybe that needed to happen for you to push forward.

I wish everyone well and hope you stay on your journey.



The real failure is when…


Hey folks,

I hope you’re doing well and overcoming your challenges. If not, this post is for you! Many times we’re tempted to give up after a failure, but let’s think about being a “failure” and what it really means to fail as a learning experience. Failure is always an option, failure is very real and always present in all that we do, however, being a failure is a mindset, it’s a decision you make and a habit you’ve decided to follow. You can fail, feel that it’s a part of your success, call it a learning experience and get back up and try again, or you can fail, call yourself a failure, believe all the lies in your head, and tell yourself it’s time to give up on what you believe in,  that it’s time to give up on that relationship, that workout goal, that life you’re trying to create.

When you stop trying to be what you’re created to be, I feel like you’ve become a failure. When you give up on what you are in order to appease someone else, you become a failure, when fear and doubt tell you that you can’t and you agree and go along with that, then you’ve really become a failure. Don’t fail in this way. Many times my fear and doubt have tried to trick me into believing things that aren’t really there and I’m tempted to believe the lies and toxic beliefs of people around me, but I’ve developed a habit of asking fear, doubt and thoughts of being a failure to go somewhere else. There’s always an opportunity to fail, because yes, things are challenging, but failing doesn’t make you a failure, remember this…

Have I failed ? Oh Of course, I fail all the time, but those are learning experiences, and I know I’m not a failure just because I’ve had a rough life, or a rough experience. In order for me to succeed I have to keep striving for it, so reader, you have to keep striving for whatever you want. Remain who you are, remain faithful to what you are and don’t deliberate or allow people, or beliefs to steer you away from what you know in your heart is right for you.



Fail in order to succeed


Fall down 7 times, get up 8, whatever it takes don’t hesitate. Stay strong folks, your time is coming. Failure is a part of your success 😉


Hey Folks,

Man it’s been so long. My bad 😦 I’m here though ! Don’t worry :).

I put together this face project and figured i’d illustrate my thoughts in pictures. The numbers and images correspond to the text below.

Enjoy !

Face project

  1. Some days i’m just chilling
  2. And I think to myself
  3. One day i’mma make it
  4. I think back to the past
  5. and I remember how challenging it was
  6. I remember the good times
  7. I remember the bad times
  8. Life tried to beat me up
  9. I could never understand why
  10. So I figured i’d sleep on it
  11. I woke up and I was still confused
  12. Then the haters came through
  13. Clowns always have something to say
  14. Like who asked ya’ll anyway?
  15. Then I wondered if they were right
  16. So I kept thinking
  17. Then it came to me
  18. Everything has it’s reasons
  19. You gotta find meaning in every suffering
  20. Then it made sense
  21. I looked up to the sky and said thanks for everything, even the haters
  22. Some days it’s hard
  23. I mean real hard
  24. But it’s because of that, that I can be this
  25. And i’ll keep fighting to make it happen

Nick A. Titley

What I tell myself

Sensei said it first. I’ll say it again. When thoughts of doubt, depression and negativity creep in…from wherever they came from. I refuse to stay down. No rest, no mercy, gotta keep moving forward.