The fight is far from over

Keep your chin tucked, eyes forward, it’s not time to give in yet.


3:00 Am Reflection

Need a little extra to keep you on your journey? Check out this audio I posted on my tumblr. Give it a listen, and a share if it helps !

3:00 AM Reflection

Take care !


It hit home, a humbling experience

Hey folks,

I just finished reading these 2 articles, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do and Top 10 Fears That Hold Us Back In Life and I just really needed to share them because I can’t say I feel the same way after. I feel very humbled, maybe even less in some cases and so much more aware of my shortcomings and things that I struggle with, its been quite a week and change for me. There’s been some things on my mind and I’m working through them, but seeing these posts did something for me, because they really puts things into perspective. Have you ever read something and it seemed to just correlate exactly to where you are, and what you’re facing in life ? Take a look at the articles for yourself, but I can say they did something for me, especially the one about fear.

Fear is a crazy feeling and I know anyone reading this message has felt many of the 10 fears the author has listed. I’ve always heard how we control fear and how it’s a choice, but I can openly say it’s still very difficult when you’re so accustomed to being gripped by it. How many of you reading this have felt fear to the point where you couldn’t move or make a decision? It’s as if your ability to act is being stifled by some unknown force, like a hand gripping your body that just won’t let go in that moment. There’s this stubborn feeling, this inch that you cannot surpass, words that you just cannot speak. Deep in your mind, you’re kicking yourself for not making the move, but something in you is stopping you, and you know exactly what it is…

How do I deal with it ? I take a deep breath, breathing seems to halt my behavior. It refocuses me, it’s like stopping the clock for a moment and taking a step back from the edge. Then I work things through and decide if it’s fear or if it’s my body trying to protect me (a different kind of fear). Not all fear is problematic, your fight or flight response is very real and will save your life. However, it’s many of the fears that the author, Amy Morin, mentions, that are still stewing in my head as I fervently type this message.

In the game of, “how many of those 10 fears do you have” I pretty much got my ass kicked. There’s still so many to work on and the timing of both articles hit home for me. Incorporating the 13 things mentally strong people do is now on my to do list. These 2 articles told me where I am and where I needed to go to continue my personal journey of self-mastery.

I hope these articles hit home for you too reader. It’s important for us to examine ourselves and challenge what we know. We can only get better with practice, patience and ceaseless, overwhelming courage.

Thanks for reading,

Nick A. Titley




I went looking and found this video on Gratitude, I teared up at the end. It was very moving for me and I hope it’ll move you too:

Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg



Emotion Change Activity

Hey Folks,

When you get a free moment, try this:

Pick an emotion: 1. Happiness 2. Joy 3. Love etc. (anything that’s positive)

Now, for each of your 5 senses (i.e. touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight) try to think of something that you can do for each that would make you feel the emotion you’ve picked.

So, if I’ve chosen happiness, I may want to pat my dog, smell a fresh scent, eat something pleasant, watch something beautiful and listen to something that makes me smile.

I thought of this little activity because I was frustrated and wanted to focus on the opposite.

Enjoy !


For the struggle is your strength


“I’d be lying if I said it was ever easy, but it’s possible, so we’ll work until we get there. The struggle of today is the strength and confidence we build to face tomorrow. So get to work on making today incredible !” Nick

The Mountain

“This is how I feel when I look at a new task or project. How am I going to climb this damn mountain ? I get stressed out, bent out of shape and found myself focusing on the peak. I learned that every journey is completed by taking steps toward it. If you focus on the right here and now, it makes it a whole lot easier than focusing on the end only.” Nick

“Just take it one step at a time, trust me, one day you’ll look back and notice you’ve taken 1,000s of steps and you’re closer to the peak than when you started.” Nick

Don’t beat yourself up

“Sometimes you are your worst enemy. All the time, you have subdue that negative voice within and just keep trying. It’ll make more sense. I promise, but just keep trying.” Nick