The two roads traveled

diverged roads

Hey everyone,

I found this on and wanted to share it. It’s amazing; regardless of how you do it, you’ll get there in your own time. What’s meant for you, is for you. Nothing can change that…


Hey Folks,

Man it’s been so long. My bad ūüė¶ I’m here though ! Don’t worry :).

I put together this face project and figured i’d illustrate my thoughts in pictures. The numbers and images correspond to the text below.

Enjoy !

Face project

  1. Some days i’m just chilling
  2. And I think to myself
  3. One day i’mma make it
  4. I think back to the past
  5. and I remember how challenging it was
  6. I remember the good times
  7. I remember the bad times
  8. Life tried to beat me up
  9. I could never understand why
  10. So I figured i’d sleep on it
  11. I woke up and I was still confused
  12. Then the haters came through
  13. Clowns always have something to say
  14. Like who asked ya’ll anyway?
  15. Then I wondered if they were right
  16. So I kept thinking
  17. Then it came to me
  18. Everything has it’s reasons
  19. You gotta find meaning in every suffering
  20. Then it made sense
  21. I looked up to the sky and said thanks for everything, even the haters
  22. Some days it’s hard
  23. I mean real hard
  24. But it’s because of that, that I can be this
  25. And i’ll keep fighting to make it happen

Nick A. Titley

Keeping your energy when you’re tempted to give it away

Hey folks,

I haven’t written for some time and I wanted to share some of my reflections with you. Tonight I found myself contemplating as usual and the thoughts that came to mind focused on the concept of “power” and how we give it away. We all have power; whether it’s in a leadership or career situation or even at home or with friends, there’s a certain degree of power you have in your life and believe it or not, we often give it away.

I’ve given it away lately because I’ve allowed myself to get upset and react to things in my environment. As a result, I’ve felt different from my usual peaceful state; I’ve felt a little drained mentally and physically, and this has reminded me of the nature of power. Think of power, in this case, as a form of energy. When you emotionally respond, whether it be with anger or another emotion, you give some of that energy away to the thing you’re respond too.

Now I’m not saying you won’t get angry, or that getting angry is a bad thing, but to constantly feel frustrated, upset, enraged etc. is very taxing on the mind and body. If you’re accustomed to being in a good state of mind and you’re sensitive to the way you feel, you can physically feel the loss or absence of energy, you just know what’s caused it, and you definitely know it’s not there.

If energy is so important then we have to use it sparingly, but we tend to give it away so often. We give it away when we give in to that urge to yell at someone or allow ourselves to be occupied with thoughts and emotions that do us no good. Worried ? anxious ? frustrated ? these are but a few feelings that sap our precious energy.

Example:¬†Sometimes, when I play certain games involving random teammates, they may say negative things or rant about my playing style. After some time of this, I may feel like I need to respond; I may feel like I need to put them in their place, but what I’m actually doing is occupying my mental space with something that actually has less to do with me and more to do with them.

How do we prevent it ?

By developing new habits that will prevent you from consistently giving it away during certain instances. Develop a sensitivity for how you feel and then try to figure out how you want to feel¬†during¬†and after these situations. You empower yourself by first acknowledging the situation or thing that’s sapping your energy. Once identified, you can devise a method to handle the situation whenever it arises.

Think about the example I shared with the teammates for a minute. I try to deal with these situations by stopping myself from responding with anger and I take a¬†metaphoric step back. I decide to block the naysayers (sometimes literally) and then continue with what I’m doing. If I keep arguing, responding and playing their ‘game’, I’ll keep giving away my energy.In some cases I might just win the argument, but I might also succeed at becoming more ignorant or conceited as a result…

Choose your battles wisely, be aware of your words and actions, become aware of the things that evoke that particular emotional response and then become empowered by deciding how you want to respond next time. It’s worked wonders for me in the past, but it only worked because I made the time to plan, and then actually do it.

Hope this was helpful folks, we all things that weigh on us over time so I hope this will make your load a little lighter.

Thanks for reading !


It hit home, a humbling experience

Hey folks,

I just finished reading these 2 articles,¬†13 Things Mentally Strong People Don‚Äôt Do and¬†Top 10 Fears That Hold Us Back In Life¬†and I just really needed to share them because I can’t say I feel the same way after. I feel very humbled, maybe even less in some cases and so much more aware of my shortcomings and things that I struggle with, its been quite a week and change for me. There’s been some things on my mind and I’m working through them, but seeing these posts did something for me, because they really puts things into perspective. Have you ever read something and it seemed to just correlate exactly to where you are, and what you’re facing in life ? Take a look at the articles for yourself, but I can say they did something for me, especially the one about fear.

Fear is a crazy feeling and I know anyone reading this message has felt many of the 10 fears the author has listed. I’ve always heard how we control fear and how it’s a choice, but I can¬†openly say it’s still very difficult when you’re so accustomed to being gripped by it. How many of you reading this have felt fear to the point where you couldn’t move or make a decision? It’s as if your ability to act¬†is being stifled by some unknown force, like a hand gripping your body that just won’t let go in that moment. There’s this stubborn feeling, this inch that you cannot surpass, words that you just cannot speak. Deep in your mind, you’re kicking yourself for not making the move, but something in you is stopping you, and you know exactly what it is…

How do I deal with it ? I take a deep breath, breathing seems to halt my behavior. It refocuses me, it’s like stopping the clock for a moment and taking a step back from the edge. Then I work things through and decide if it’s fear or if it’s my body trying to protect me (a different kind of fear). Not all fear is problematic, your fight or flight response is very real and will save your life. However, it’s many of the fears that the author, Amy Morin, mentions, that are still stewing in my head as I fervently type this message.

In the game of, “how many of those 10 fears do you have” I pretty much got my ass kicked. There’s still so many to work on and the timing of both articles hit home for me. Incorporating the 13 things mentally strong people do is now on my to do list. These 2 articles told me where I am and where I needed to go to continue my personal journey of self-mastery.

I hope these articles hit home for you too reader.¬†It’s important for us to examine ourselves and challenge what we know. We can only get better with practice, patience and ceaseless, overwhelming courage.

Thanks for reading,

Nick A. Titley



Don’t beat yourself up

“Sometimes you are your worst enemy. All the time, you have subdue that negative voice within and just keep trying. It’ll make more sense. I promise, but just keep trying.” Nick

Time to lay defeat on something or someone

“Whatever that enemy may be, whether it be procrastination or a physical person, you win when you overcome it, you succeed by doing. It’s time to lay the defeat on something or someone today” Nick

(Shout out to Charlie Peppers who made this possible !)

It’s your heart, follow it

I can’t emphasize this enough. This week has been all about this for me. Everywhere I turn, wherever I look, it’s all about your personal journey and knowing that people will criticize you no matter what you do, so it’s best to walk away from them and do it anyway. When you fall down, instead of following their lead by saying “I told you so”, you gotta get right back up man, and make a new decision, and follow through until you’re where you want to be.


This week’s theme seems to be…

“Why ? because we have to run our race, not run the race others want us to run. It’s our life, we have to live it. If people don’t want to run next to us they need to step off it. You don’t need fake anything, and real results come from doing things your way. Failure ? It happens, you learn and grow from it, so get out there and make a decision. Just decide, if you miss your chance or fail now, there’s a next time and many more after that. There’s no 1 way, nor 1 right or wrong answer, so go get it done.”