It’s not luck, it’s something much deeper

Hey Folks,

I found this online and thought you’d really enjoy it. A lot has been happening on my end and it’s always a pleasure when I can help someone or post something that touches the hearts of my readers. I hope this one really touches yours and you realize that it isn’t just luck, it’s your own talent that’s pushing you through. Luck is unreliable, but your talents, abilities to change and adapt, to grow and  to function are indispensable. If you’re attributing much of your life to luck, think again, you may have earned way more than you’re giving yourself credit. Every bit of the struggles you’ve endured are valid, don’t allow anyone’s opinions or social expectations to cause you to think any less of what you are…



Have you made progress ?

Hey folks,

The inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightning last night and I got the energy to do this one. Have you been making progress ? I argue that you have, give this one a listen folks. This post is a bit longer, but the wisdom is solid. I hope you enjoy and find it useful, and if you do, please share it with someone else that could use it as well.

Here I am speaking about making Progress



Best wishes on your journey

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to create a post because I haven’t done so in some time. How are you doing ? How is your journey going ? How has life treated you ?, I’ve recently embarked on a Self Mastery Journey and to assist with this I’ve started meditating daily on a number of areas. This commitment to a new journey has felt amazing from the moment I began and I feel this is where I need to do.

I’ve always struggled to meditate on a regular basis and would just lose interest after some time, so the fact that I’ve done it every day comes as a major accomplishment for me. I’ve also established a method that has kept me engaged  so I don’t miss it; It seems like I can’t go a day without it because of the benefits I’m now gaining from practicing.

I won’t share too much about my journey of self mastery yet, but so much has happened and life has been kicking me pretty hard. However, things aren’t completely amok, because the tools I’ve gained thus far from my self work are ideal for my situation. The moment I began a new journey inward, it felt like everything in the outward began to go in disarray. However, things seem to fit; all that I have gained so far is exactly what I need to handle the new challenges. I’m much more prepared than ever for the challenges I’m enduring because of the work i’ve already began to put in.

Reader, I wish you well, I wish you a great weekend and if you’re at a difficult place in life, look inward for the answers. What resides within, holds the potential to downplay or uplift you, and though the struggle seems never ending, there will be moments of extreme peace and bliss that make the whole journey worthwhile.

All the best !