That gift is calling


How long has it been? I swear you probably thought I died or crawled under some rock to hide. Being open, I don’t even know where I’ve been, but right now I’m here and in this moment. I guess sometimes we need to take a hiatus from the things we enjoy in order to enjoy them. Makes sense? The next time you walk away from something you enjoy. Allow yourself to do it, if you come back, great! If not, that’s fine.

So, why now? Because my gift if my message, my life, my experiences and someone needs to hear them to know that things will be alright.

I’m so happy to have spoken to my friend Leslie. We worked at the gym together. I knew she’d been doing some work as a life coach so I wanted to have that “from then to now” type conversation. It was great. I can’t believe  how great I feel after speaking to her. Sometimes you just need to listen to someone else’s story to learn how to experience yours. After feeling inundated by the stressors in my life (and trust me, yesterday it felt like a week’s worth of stress packed in one) I can openly say how great I feel after today’s conversation. I feel a freeing sensation, as if whatever was on my chest has lifted and my entire body was given permission to relax and feel worthy. My smile fits my face in way it hasn’t, and I’m glad because I’m going to be doing that a lot more lately. Thanks, Leslie!

Not to shamefully advertise, but she’s really cool and knows what she’s doing. If you’re feeling that inner turmoil, that tense feeling you can’t shake that a cup of tea or coffee can’t cure, then maybe it’s time to have a conversation that will penetrate the surface and instill itself into your psyche.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if I scared you, I merely stepped out, I didn’t step down.


p.s. you can find Leslie here, her website is beautiful.