Carnival Time in St.Kitts

It’s during Carnival time that people’s spirit really come out. Man what a fantastic Carnival. I hadn’t seen a Carnival in 5-6 years, so this was really a treat.

Just a heads up. This is St.Kitts Carnival 2014, it took place on January 1st and 2nd 2014. I took so many pictures, I just had to make sure people saw some of what I was seeing.

Some of the pictures suffer from motion blur, or being too dark in some places, but you can only imagine how fast the people were dancing, jumping and enjoying themselves. My camera died after 2 hours of taking pictures, but every picture was worth the effort.

My heart pounded at the sound of the loudspeakers, the MCs on the mics and the mixed voices of people in the crowd and on the street. Mas players, clowns, and a host of colorful, scandalously dressed people took to the street and they weren’t playing…

Cheers, it was real

Nick A. Titley

Here’s the gallery on my Facebook page folks:

I also attached a few pictures here so you can see a bit of what it looks like:

IMG_0056 IMG_0226 IMG_0231



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