Dat Carrot & Stick Lifestyle

It was an apple and carrot night. Very odd things to have at 12:30 AM, but sometimes when you’re hungry and craving food,  you just gotta let your creativity take care of you. I walked away from my desk and wanted to munch on something. It was routine, the last thing I eat is light, I don’t do heavy after 10:00, especially if I know it’ll sit in my stomach. I went to work.

Grabbed the apple, and had the idea for the carrot. Grabbed the knife, flipped it to the blunt side and began cleaning it. This method works so well when you don’t have a peeler, or if you’re too lazy to go find it. Laziness hits all of us, hits me all the time, but that carrot and stick motivation sometimes comes in handy sometimes.


Get it? Carrot and Stick ? It means reward and punishment, but fitness and good health for me are no punishment, so in my mind the stick and carrot mean the same thing. I wouldn’t have what I have or been able to do what I’ve done unless I was disciplined. So whether it’s eating more carrots or using the stick to workout, keep going, it works.


See ! It really does work. I just picked my shirt up and they were there. No diet pills, no garbage, no supplements. 100% natural. It took knowledge, time, persistence and smart work. That’s right, I dislike working hard, so I work smart. Try it, it works!



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