Getting it done

Hey folks,

Today I hit the beach nice and early. Had a small breakfast, hit the beach at 8:00 Am and got my sea legs working. I always love swimming, doing some martial art moves and other calisthenics on the beach, it’s also a great place to soak after you’ve had a long, stressful season.

I also had a great workout this evening; I’m a huge fan of innovation and don’t need a typical gym to work out. Any where, any how, any time, I can bust out a total body workout and get lasting results from the nutrition that follows.

Below is a picture of a 22lb bottle of sand and water, an elastic band and the rug. The rest is creativity and understanding the end goal…work the whole body!

My gym


The workout tonight was brief but felt great, here’s what I did:

3 sets each:

15 Elastic band rows (per hand)

20 Jump Squats using the sand weight (varying the leg width, close, wide, etc.)

15 Weighted swings (think: single arm kettle bell swing just with both hands while using the weight)

25-30 mixed push ups (5-10 regular, 10 plyo push ups, 10 clapping diver bomber push ups)

15 Thrusters (think: Squat into shoulder press)

20 swinging leg raises

15 Side crunches with leg extension (crunch then extend body so legs are pointing, rinse and repeat)


Time to hydrate and eat !




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