Things to overcome

Some time ago I had some bad habits that I needed to correct. One way I overcome my habits is writing things out where I can see them. I wrote a host of things on my mirror in red; make no mistake I would see them every time I looked in the mirror. I wrote all the nutritional dilemmas I was having and the things I needed to do and achieve  Whether it was putting down some extra carbs, picking up cardio again or needing more focus, I made sure to I saw those concepts every day.

After a short time, upon reflecting, I realized that I had subconsciously changed my behavior. I incorporated more exercises into my daily/weekly routine, cut back on those carbs and started running a mile at least 3-4 days a week. Instead of going for longer runs, I try to run a mile faster and faster each time. I even tried running up steep hill and would be incorporating this into my activity level more often.

You can accomplish this too Reader. Write your goals and problem areas somewhere you can see them and write the solution to each dilemma. Example: I was getting more carbs than needed, so I identified the source and replaced it with something else.

Use a dry erase marker, white board or a sticky note; Be creative, but whatever method you choose, make sure you can see it, and make sure the message is powerful, compelling and positive enough, for you to remember to change that behavior.

The mirror, with some new body shots are listed below. Remember, Discipline is key and a big part of balance is getting back on after you’ve fallen off, and believe me, you will fall off…

IMG_1302 rock the body Discipline is key body sweat body


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