Fit & Well Day 13 – Dance to your own music

Day 13 – Dance to your own tune

Has it been a tough week ? have you been slacking on your training or just haven’t had the time ? Today you get to dance to your own tune.

Look back at the last 12 days and pick a workout (other than the rest day) that can fill today’s gap. Try a different difficulty level, or you can create your own using the workouts. Swap some of your favorite moves in, go for a run, take a nice long walk, go dancing, play a sport…today is for you my friend so make it count!

Notes: Have fun, I challenge you to work out without knowing it, I challenge you to make this Saturday a Fit Saturday dedicated to your personal mission toward becoming more fit, by doing an activity outside of the typical routine.


Wellness Challenge: DANCE LIKE NO ONES WATCHING ! Make sure you get your groove on today; You’ve done so much work this week, it’s time to have fun and really enjoy yourself. Turn down the lights, turn up the music and make whatever floor you touch a dance floor ! (For some of us, we really can’t let anyone see us)


Nutritional Tip: Alcohol is full of empty calories, there isn’t anything nutritious about the sought after addicting choice. Be aware of your consumption of alcoholic beverages, for some people they fill the gap, help them socialize or release stress after a long period. Whatever the reason, drinking to have a good time can be and should be enjoyed responsibility. Many gains are lost due to binge drinking and excessive alcohol consumption. Enjoy your drink, savor it but don’t allow yourself your gains to slip away like the beverage when it’s gone.



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