“The first time I met Nick four years ago, I was working out in the SUNY Plattsburgh gym where he was a personal trainer at the time. I knew almost instantly that Nick was one of a kind, and since that day I have had the pleasure of getting to know him as a personal trainer and as a friend.

I have always been passionate about leading a healthy life, and am a recent graduate with my BS in Food & Human Nutrition, and a minor in Personal Training. Nick has been a solid resource for me in both topics, and never fails to bring a positive and fresh perspective to the table. He is dedicated to his studies, and is constantly striving to deepen his understanding of them.

Nick’s knowledge, intelligence, and inquisitive nature are the qualities that originally made me want to become his client. I trained with Nick five times a week for the better part of four months, and during this time, I was continually impressed with the unique traits that make Nick an outstanding personal trainer. For the first time, training was fun and I was seeing results. Nick is creative, and understands many different forms of exercise. He took me through kickboxing, circuit training, and weight training workouts; we never did the same workout twice. Nick’s passion for improving his clients’ health and fitness is contagious, he pushed me outside my comfort zone, yet always made me feel secure. Not only is Nick the most gifted and effective trainer I have ever worked with, he also educated me with the knowledge necessary to maintain my fitness beyond our training.

Nick is devoted, genuine, and reliable. It is clear to me that his enthusiasm and high standards for both himself and his clients, will make him successful in any environment in which he chooses to train. Nick’s future is undoubtedly bright, and I highly recommend him as a fitness professional.” ~ Morgan C.


To Morgan,

What a wonderful experience it was to motivate you, to work with you on a regular basis and to be able to help you strive toward your goals. I’m excited to have read your testimonial because I am happy that you enjoyed working out and that you took much away from our sessions. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Thank you Morgan, I’ll be here if you need me again; wherever I am, I’ll still be your trainer, whether physically or through the internet.


Nick A. Titley


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